About Me

Here is about me personally and my practice as a therapist.

I have lived in the Northeast, South, and Pacific Northwest of the US and have experience with each of these social climes. I believe that our environment is an important part of understanding ourselves.

I am love animals and pets, over my life I have had the privlege of being around many types of animals that have taught me many lessons throughout my life.

I also love to read novels, mostly fiction, but some non-fiction in there as well!

My passion for counseling comes from my own lived experience with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. I have had good and bad counselors throughout my life and understand that therapy can be an intimidating space. I try to help my clients be comfortable by incorporating their own interests in therapy; I want to hear about the good stuff in their lives not just the difficult.

I am also an animal person (seen above) and often encourage clients to include their pets in the therapy space to allow them comfort and familiarity. I believe that telehealth gives a unique opportunity to incorporate fun components of a client's life that I try to make the most of in session. 

My counseling style focuses on a compassionate view of self while understanding why and how our brain functions. My main modalities of treatment are Compasison Focused Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Feminist Therapy, and Exposure and Prevention Therapy. These modalities  are used to help educate clients, teach helpful skills, and challenge learned assumptions that we make throughout our life.

I am passionate about educating my clients and my community about our brains and how they impact our mental health. My number one aim in counseling is to normalize all experiences and understand that they are a part of us that we have the power to change. 



Mental Health Counselor Associate, WA

Supervised by Kim Lycan, LMHC


Northeastern Univeristy, BS. Psychology (d. 2020)

Northwestern University, MA. Mental Health Counseling (d. 2023)


Certified Trauma Professional - Evergreen Certifications (130151)

Working towards being certified as a an ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider