Q: What do we talk about?

A: We either talk about what goals have been set and how they can be acheived or process what stressors have come up in the past week. It is up to you to guide what is discussed in the session on what you believe is the most important to work on. 

Q: How often do we meet?

A: I reccomend starting off with weekly sessions. After some time when goals are being reached, we can switch to sessions every other week in order to have more time in-between sessions to practice skills. 

Q: What is telehealth like? 

A: I use ZOOM PRO, which is a HIPAA compliant platform for virtual counseling. I send a link every week via email that will need to be accessed to enter the session. I prefer virtual counseling because you will be in your home space which is usually more comfortable and offers the special chance to practice skills in the place they will be used most frequently. Our brain likes patterns and consistency, if therapy is done in the home, then most likely you will remember what is said in session, rather than in an unfamiliar environment. You can also have your pet or a comforting item, like a blanket or a hot beverage, in the session that can provide additional coping.